Fifa Stadium Osorno

In collaboration: Plan Comùn, and Costanza Zeni

The project is situated in mountains close to Osorno it is the newest addition to the Olympic complex, and is situated in a small Chilean town just north of Patagonia. It’s program is multifunctional mixing a stadium, an exploration deck and a gym. The Osorno stadium is a sports container and urban landmark:

The proposal considers the new Osorno Municipal Stadium as a sober, active and connected building with strong bonds with the entire Olympic Complex. It assumes its condition as a new sports landmark; it reorders and revitalizes the activities within the preexisting facilities; in addition, it makes the best out of its privileged location in the city, offering a new identity for this urban context. This is achieved by making a strategic use of fundamental resources such as orientation, typology, order, program, weather and character in two scales: local and urban—as both container and public facade.

This project was done in the context of a public demand competition by the Chilean government, the Osorno administration, and Fifa.